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Pensacola’s top vegan-friendly restaurants: Their menus, their visions and more

Note: One business originally included in this story was removed because it is in the process of acquiring a business license but has not yet received it. 

Pensacola’s culinary identity will almost assuredly always revolve around seafood, but there’s more diversity within the local restaurant scene than ever before in 2020. Exponentially more than five years ago, even. 

That growth extends to vegan foodies, who for years turned primarily to End of the Line Cafe if they wanted to patronize a place with a robust vegan menu. 

But times are changing. Listed below are some of the top vegan-friendly restaurants ready to serve you today in Pensacola: 

End of the Line Cafe 

Address: 610 E. Wright St. 

Phone: 850-429-0336


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Escambia County reports 2 new COVID-19 deaths, 55 more cases; Santa Rosa adds 42 cases

The Florida Department of Health on Saturday verified two new deaths associated with COVID-19 and 55 more positive cases in Escambia County.

Escambia County has now recorded a total 11,121 positive coronavirus cases since the start of the pandemic.

The two newly reported deaths, a 78-year-old woman and an 88-year-old woman, raise Escambia County’s cumulative COVID-19 deaths to 198, a figure that includes 186 state residents and 12 non-Florida residents.

No new coronavirus deaths were reported Saturday in Santa Rosa County, keeping the county’s total deaths at 55 people. Santa Rosa County did record another 42 positive COVID-19 cases Saturday to raise its cumulative total to 4,634.

Of all deaths in both counties, 99 are tied to lon...

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‘Have it both ways’: Trump makes appeal to suburban voters and base in RNC balancing act

WASHINGTON —  Faced with trying to win over suburban voters who could determine the election outcome and galvanizing his base with the same divisive rhetoric that won him the White House, President Donald Trump tried to have it all at the four-day Republican convention. 

Republicans sought to humanize the president and soften his hard-line edge in an appeal to suburbanites, particularly suburban women who are critical to his reelection chances, while warning that a Joe Biden presidency would lead to crime in their neighborhoods, “socialism” and American decline.

“Joe Biden is not a savior of America’s soul,” Trump said in his 71-minute acceptance speech Thursday before a crowd on the White House South ...

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‘Desert One’ tells story of 1980 Iran hostage rescue attempt, deaths of Hurlburt airmen

After two previous unsuccessful attempts, there is now a documentary film called “Desert One” that tells the story of Operation Eagle Claw, the unsuccessful 1980 attempt to rescue 52 American hostages from the U.S. Embassy in Tehran.

The failed raid claimed the lives of eight American military personnel, including five members of the 8th Special Operations Squadron at Hurlburt Field.

More (April 2019): Hurlburt Field commemorates failed 1980 Iran hostage rescue mission

“This was a roller-coaster ride of a story well worth telling, with important moments about American leadership and gumption and relations with Iran and courage in the face of adversity,” said “Desert One” director and two-time Academy Award winner Bar...

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Are the three Cs holding you back? | Quint Studer

“We always get the short end of the stick.” Or, “We’re getting shafted … again!” Or, “Why do we draw the short straw?” For decades I have heard people make statements like this when they feel their department or entity is not being treated like other parts of the organization. 

This sentiment that other parts of the organization are getting better things and better treatment can happen in a variety of situations. Why did they just get new carpet? Why are they fixing up that store when we need fixing up, too? They seem to get all the recognition. We don’t feel appreciated. They get everything.

Statements like these exude self-pity, victim-thinking and negativity...

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Editorial: Escambia County must do more to protect pregnant inmates from COVID-19


Last week, the PNJ’s Kevin Robinson delivered important reporting about COVID-19’s threat against pregnant women who are incarcerated in the Escambia County Jail. Any citizen who cares about the least among us or the lives of unborn children should get engaged in this ongoing dilemma.      

Pensacola City Councilwoman Sherri Myers recently sounded the alarm after she learned there are eight expectant mothers currently at the jail. Jails and prisons have been hot spots for explosions of COVID-19 cases and research has shown that pregnant women face increased risk of hospitalization from the disease. 

“My question is are we exposing a pregnant woman and her baby to what could potentially be a life-threatenin...

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Marlette: Bedtime story advice for new ‘dad’ Gaetz


Whether it’s by grace or a grand joke from God, your resident idiot cartoonist has endured a year of nurturing a tiny human who is almost as psychologically immature as I am. 

Dirty diapers. Teething tantrums. Spoonfuls of liquefied vegetables flung like Pollock paintings onto the canvases of walls, windows and white cabinets. 

That ain’t nothin’. Or as the president might say, “it is what it is.” At some point, you sort of just surrender to the messier aspects of baby-raising, an acquiescence that is enhanced by the tiny human’s cuteness during the moments of hushed joy when the child mercifully decides to become sleepy.

And coupled with those blessed occasions, is the parent’s joy of telling...

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Escambia County reports one new COVID-19 death, 67 cases; Santa Rosa adds 26 cases

Escambia County on Friday recorded one new death associated with COVID-19 and 67 more positive cases, while Santa Rosa County added another 26 new cases.

The Florida Department of Health on Friday verified the death of a 96-year-old woman in Escambia County. 

That raised Escambia County’s cumulative coronavirus deaths to 196, a figure that includes 184 state residents and 12 non-Florida residents.

No new coronavirus deaths were reported Friday in Santa Rosa County, which has verified a total of 55 deaths since the start of the pandemic.

Of all deaths in both counties, 98 are tied to long-term care centers, including 88 in Escambia County and 10 in Santa Rosa County. 

With the new cases reported Friday, Escambia County now has a cum...

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Florida Supreme Court suspends Milton attorney from practicing law for three years

The Florida Supreme Court has suspended a Milton attorney from practicing law for three years, marking the third time in less than a year that the lawyer has been disciplined by the state’s highest court.

Court documents state Randall Albert Werre failed to notify clients, opposing counselors and tribunals about his two previous suspensions by the state Supreme Court in 2019, as he should have done.

Werre was originally suspended in September 2019. The reason for the suspension was twofold.

First, he failed to communicate with a client after his client terminated his services in a bankruptcy case...

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Report: Insurers refuse to pay nearly half of Florida workers’ compensation claims

TALLAHASSEE — Thousands of Florida workers, including people on the front lines battling the coronavirus pandemic, say they have gotten infected with COVID-19.

But state numbers show that insurers have refused to pay nearly half of the workers’ compensation insurance claims filed by first responders, health care professionals and other workers.

Data collected by Chief Financial Officer Jimmy Patronis’ office show nearly 12,000 workers’ compensation claims had been filed as of July 31, but more than 43 percent of “indemnity” claims were denied by insurers.

The numbers show that most of the denials, or about 62 percent, were made by private insurers that provide coverage to Florida’s employers.

The de...

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