Emerald Coast Utilities Authority announced Monday evening that it has lifted its system-wide precautionary boil water notice for all customers expect those in two areas.

ECUA’s sampling team collected 385 samples at 190 sites in 48 hours, gathering two samples per site, and all but two of the results have returned clear.

The areas that remain under boil water advisories are the Kings Road Subdivision and a four-block area in East Hill delineated by 16th Avenue, east to 20th Avenue, and East Mallory Street south to East Lloyd Street.

The following areas remain under the boil water advisory:

Kings Road subdivision

  • Turnberry Road
  • Donegal Drive
  • Kings Road
  • Kinsale Road
  • Linton Way
  • St. Andrews Drive
  • Brampton Way
  • Ashford Road
  • Derry Drive
  • Glenmore Drive
  • Callan Way
  • Templemore Drive
  • Galway Street
  • Boxton Way
  • Portree Way

Four-block area within East Hill

  • East Mallory Street between North 16th Avenue and North 20th Avenue
  • East Lloyd between North 16th Avenue and North 20th Avenue
  • East Moreno Street between N. 16th Avenue and North 20th Avenue
  • East Blount Street between North 16th Avenue and North 20th Avenue
  • East Lee between North 16th Avenue and North 20th Avenue
  • North 16th Avenue between East Mallory Street and East Lloyd Street
  • North 17th Avenue between East Mallory Street and East Lloyd Street
  • North 18th Avenue between East Mallory Street and East Lloyd Street
  • North 19th Avenue between East Mallory Street and East Lloyd Street
  • North 20th Avenue between East Mallory Street and East Lloyd Street