UCLA In the News August 14, 2020

UCLA In the News lists selected mentions of UCLA in the world’s news media. Some articles may require reg

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UCLA In the News lists selected mentions of UCLA in the world’s news media. Some articles may require registration or a subscription to view. See more UCLA In the News.

Online learning cheats poor students, survey finds | Los Angeles Times

“What COVID-19 has done, it has pulled back the covers on the gross inequities that exist in our society,” said UCLA education professor Tyrone Howard at a recent panel on school reopening. “While they’re not new.... I think in this really difficult moment, it has made the realities around inequities, even more front and center in all of our everyday lives.”

Is the worst of COVID-19 yet to come? | Foreign Affairs

“A few populous countries such as the United States, Brazil, Mexico, United Kingdom, India, and Russia can drive the global case rate. Whether the U.S. domestic pandemic response improves by 2021 comes down to who wins the presidential election — Trump or Biden. My optimism bias drives my answer. Biden understands health security is part of foreign policy and will engage with the world to drive down the pandemic. But optimism rarely serves disaster experts,” said UCLA’s David Eisenman.

Disney World reopening continues to prove contentious | Variety

Epidemiologist Dr. Anne Rimoin, who had spoken to Variety last month about Disney World reopening, said that “testing, and being able to have access to testing, is critical,” but that in practice, testing can be a complicated task when taking into account asymptomatic transmission and testing wait times.

The workout you should start doing once you hit 50 | Well + Good

Karol Watson, MD, a cardiologist and co-director of the UCLA preventative cardiology program, says that the best exercise for those over 50 is walking. That’s because, as simple as it is, walking is the most foundational, universal workout that practically anyone can do. “The best way to start out [with an exercise program] is with regular walking,” she says.

How often is the virus found on high-touch surfaces? | KNBC-TV

“It can survive for up to 72 hours, particularly on plastic and steel,” said UCLA’s Dr. Timothy Brewer (approx. 2:48 mark).

Models predict how coronavirus will spread | KFMB-TV San Diego

Six projection models are averaged to look between two and four weeks out including one developed by the University of California, Los Angeles. “We consider the number of unreported cases in our projection, which hasn't been used in many other projection models, and because of that, our projection is more reliable and more accurate than many other projection models,” said Quanquan Gu an assistant professor of computer science at UCLA.

Climate change will lead to SoCal flooding, UCLA study says | City News Service

The study is the first to offer projections of future extreme atmospheric rivers that are detailed enough to inform water resource planning, which will be critical for California, according to UCLA. The extra precipitation will need to be caught and stored, but Alex Hall, a UCLA professor and climate scientist, said building more reservoirs is not the solution. “More reservoirs aren’t the answer because of their expense, their environmental impact and the fact that all the good reservoir sites already have reservoirs on them,” Hall said. “A more promising approach is to infiltrate that extra water into the ground.”

UCLA Health’s IT team was uniquely prepared for the pandemic | Becker’s Hospital Review

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, Michael Pfeffer, MD, assistant vice chancellor and CIO of UCLA Health, and his team developed data reports and EHR updates for testing, workflow changes and remote work support. Now, they are focused on the technologies to succeed in the digital health world…. “One of the most important things is to make sure our patients feel comfortable and continue to seek care for chronic conditions or other issues that can’t be put off during the pandemic,” said Dr. Pfeffer.

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