New Publix shopping center in Beulah may also bring local restaurants and salons

Madison Arnold Pensacola News JournalPublished 1:28 PM EDT Aug 27, 2020The Publix-anchored Nine Mile Cros

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The Publix-anchored Nine Mile Crossing development in Beulah could see local restaurants, a Publix Liquors and a number of national chains move in

When finished, the development will have 11 retail spaces, which are either 1,200 square feet or 1,400 square feet, in addition to the grocery store. Shawn Maxey, sales associate with Beck Partners, said the group is in lease negotiations with a national pizza restaurant, a national hair salon chain, a nail salon company and two local restaurants.

“The reason why we can’t say right now who the tenants are is we obviously let them make their announcements first. And we’re in the process of negotiating quite a few leases and finishing up final details on some deals,” Maxey said in an interview.

Construction of the spaces will likely be complete in April or May of next year, at which point the tenants can begin moving in, Maxey said.

Nine Mile Crossing will be a major shopping center for the Beulah area, which has seen massive growth in recent years in both housing as well as jobs at the nearby Navy Federal Credit Union campus.

“I think it’s going to be a phenomenal development for that area. There’s a lot of housing being built currently in that area,” Maxey said. “It’s just a unique project for that area as that area continues to grow and prosper.”

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Interest in the project from neighbors as been high, Maxey said, adding that he gets a few emails every week from residents asking for updates.

Maxey said he's hoping to get more local businesses on board in the remaining spots because that's what he believes the neighboring residents want in the shopping center. Until the project is complete, Beulah residents have limited options for food and groceries in their area.

"Our team really would like some local tenants to come out to this area as we’re hearing from a lot of the neighborhoods that they want local businesses,” Maxey said in a follow-up email statement.

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