UCLA In the News August 20, 2020

UCLA In the News lists selected mentions of UCLA in the world’s news media. Some articles may require reg

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UCLA In the News lists selected mentions of UCLA in the world’s news media. Some articles may require registration or a subscription to view. See more UCLA In the News.

Democratic convention, night 2 | KTLA-TV

“We know that tonight is about the Democratic National Committee conveying who Biden is and what he represents. We’re going to see that from Dr. Jill Biden, we’re going to see that from two former presidents,” said UCLA’s Sonja Diaz.

Learning from COVID-19 super-spreading events | Smithsonian

“It’s incredibly clear that SARS-CoV-2 is very prone to super-spreading events and that they’ve really been a dominant factor in the epidemiology as it flares up in locations all around the world,” says Jamie Lloyd-Smith, a professor of ecology and evolutionary biology at the University of California at Los Angeles who studies emerging pathogens. He was the author of a landmark 2005 study that focused on the SARS outbreak to show the frequency and effects of super-spreading.

More colleges stop in-person classes as virus cases surge | CNN

“Kids are often on their own for the first time. All of us who have been to college know that it can be very difficult to be able to get kids who are coming from all sorts of places, all over the United States and the world, coming back together. They want to see each other; they want to socialize. It’s a natural impulse,” said UCLA’s Anne Rimoin.

How parents can manage online learning | KCAL-TV

“One thing that’s important to remember is that learning opportunities are everywhere in the home. Anything that your child might take an interest in around the house is an opportunity for a little lesson,” said UCLA’s Erin Powers.

Woman survives coronavirus after receiving experimental drug | KCBS-TV

Her family then turned to Dr. Otto Yang from UCLA’s Geffen School of Medicine where he’s leading a clinical trial of a drug called Leronlimab. The drug was first developed to treat HIV but it is now being used as a potential treatment for COVID-19.… “We saw quite a few of the patients seem to improve and a lot of physicians across the country that were using it had the same experience. However, those are not controlled studies. So, we don’t have a comparison group, we don’t have an exactly equal group that got no Leronlimab to be able to compare and say it definitely had an effect,” Yang said.

California heat wave continues | CapRadio

“It really does feel like it’s one hit after another. I am concerned about the fact that we have this ongoing heat wave, we’re going to have really bad air quality for a lot of California now for quite some time, due to wildfire smoke and heat,” said UCLA’s Daniel Swain (approx. 1:00 mark).

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