ECSO: Man crashes car into UPS truck after another driver fires shots at him

The Escambia County Sheriff’s Office is investigating a non-fatal shooting that involved a victim crashing a vehicle into a UPS truck near Lincoln Park in Ensley.

ECSO spokeswoman Amber Southard said no one was injured in the incident. 

Deputies were dispatched to a reported shooting around 4 p.m. Monday near Aaron Drive in Ensley.

A man told investigators he was driving when another vehicle pulled up beside him and began firing a weapon at his vehicle.

The man reached for his own gun with the intention of firing back at his attackers, but lost control of his own vehicle and crashed into a UPS truck.

“It was a minor accident,” Southard said. “It was more like a fender-bender than a large crash.”

An investigation into the shooting remained open Tuesday morning without any known suspects. Anyone with information has been asked to call Crime Stoppers at 850-433-STOP or the ECSO at 850-436-9620.

Colin Warren-Hicks can be reached at [email protected] or 850-435-8680.

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